VPN Game Servers

    We designed a new application specifically for games on Android using the UDP protocol combined with our private server so that the connection is more stable and has very low latency.

    This application works for these games :

  1. - PUBG Mobile
  2. - Call of Duty Mobile
  3. - Mobile Legend
  4. - Arena of Valor
  5. - and many more
  6. Download VPN Game FastSSH

Please remember this account can only be used in our Apps

VPN Argentina

Server IP:vpn-ar.hostip.co
Protocol:TCP & UDP
Speed Limit:4 Mbps
Acc Remaining:1939 from 2000

VPN Game Indonesia

Server IP:vpn-id.hostip.co
Protocol:TCP & UDP
Speed Limit:4 Mbps
Acc Remaining:474 from 500

VPN Game Singapore 3

Server IP:vpn-sg3.hostip.co
Protocol:TCP & UDP
Speed Limit:4 Mbps
Acc Remaining:376 from 400

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