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Dynamic IP Address Servers

Dynamic Server is servers that change every week to get a new IP address.

    Supported Protocols
  1. - SSH TLS/SSL
  2. - Softether & SSTP
  3. - V2Ray

Next Schedule for New Servers:

Dynamic SSH SSL WS Servers

Protocol:WS, TCP & UDP
SSH Port:442,447,80,143
SSL Port:443,990,110,444
UDPGW Port:7100,7200-7900
Location:US & SG

Dynamic V2ray Servers

Protocol:Vmess - TCP
Apps:Any V2ray Application
Location:US & SG
Acc Limit:1000

Dynamic Softether Servers

Protocol:Softether & SSTP
Sofether Port:5555
SSTP Port:5555
Location:US & SG
Acc Limit:1000

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