Create Account VPN Game Singapore 1

    Each account valid for 7 days

    VPN Game Singapore 1 can create 100 VPN Accounts/Day

    How to Use our VPN Game

    1. Download VPN Game FastSSH for Android Download VPN Apps
    2. Create Your account at then download the certificate file.
    3. Click the certificate file to install it to your android.
    4. Open VPN apps and fill in your hostname including sni, example:
    5. Fill in username and password and click connect

    Multiple login will causing disconnect and Lagging for your account, we recommend using one account for one device to avoid disconnect when using your account.

    When logged into our network, the entire login session including the transmission of the password is encrypted; almost impossible for any outsider to collect passwords. Compared to the Telnet remote shell protocols which send the transmission, e.g. the password in a plain text, SSH was basically designed to replace Telnet and other insecure remote shell with encryption to provide anonymity and security through unsecured network. In short, it provides a much safer environment for browsing.

    Another advantage of using Secure Shell tunnel is to use it to bypass the firewall; therefore, accessing blocked websites from the ISPs. It is also useful to access several websites which blocked any foreign access or from certain countries. While using the Secure Shell tunnel, the client’s IP will be changed to the host’s IP; giving the client’s IP access to the regional-blocked websites. Connecting to a host closer to your location is recommended to increase your internet connection’s speed.