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Softether Servers

    Softether is a cross-platform VPN software that supports multiple VPN protocols, such as SoftEther, OpenVPN, IPSec, L2TP/IPSec, and SSTP. SoftEther VPN offers stability for a high load network that easily handles hundreds of users.

    Softether VPN can be used for:

  1. - Protect your browsing activity
  2. - Lower your latency using a specific server
  3. - Lower ping game
  4. - Reduce game lag
  5. - Youtube
  6. - Netflix
  7. - Free Net
  8. - Unblock any sites
  9. - Open any streaming websites
  10. - Open region-restricted websites
  11. - Speed up internet to a specific location

Please note that to lower ping and reduce lagging in-game you have to use designed game servers. Always check "Page Number" at the bottom of page to see more servers

SoftEther Indonesia 2

Location:Jakarta, ID
SE Port:443
Acc Remaining:89 from 100

SoftEther Indonesia 1

Location:Jakarta, ID
SE Port:443
Acc Remaining:85 from 100

SoftEther SG V1

Location:Singapore, SG
SE Port:443
Acc Remaining:84 from 100

Page Number: 1234567

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