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Create new account for WG-SE VPN for Gaming in SG

    Each account valid for 7 days and support both SoftEther and Wireguard. Please note that this server only for playing games

    WG-SE VPN for Gaming in SG can create up to 25 Wireguard & SoftEther Accounts/Day

    Virtual Hub Name:FastSSH
    IPSec Pre-Shared Key:fastssh
    Port Number:1194,5555,80

    Your latency to is

    This server allowed connections from iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, and Mac OS X

    FastSSH allows you to use your own username as part of your SoftEther account with the following format: username) ; allowing you to easily remember your own account. You can create a new account ANYTIME with a max. of 3 accounts per-day, With various servers ranging from US, Europe, Asia, and Southeast Asia, FastSSH offers complimentary better connection speed for many users from around the world in various locations at the same time.

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