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SSH Over Websocket CDN - SSH WS (Reverse Proxy)

FastSSH providing SSH with CDN Cloudflare by using a reverse proxy technique

    These servers support for SNI Trick, including
  1. - Tricks to rotate the SNI with HOSTNAME
  2. - Support TLS/SSL by using port 443 or 2087
  3. - Support HTTP by using port 80 or 2086

1st Websocket script by PANCHO7532
2nd Websocket script by dharak36

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Empowering Cryptocurrencies: The Role of WebSockets

Cryptocurrencies have rapidly risen to prominence, offering a digital alternative to traditional financial systems. In this digital realm, where speed and real-time data are of utmost importance, WebSockets have emerged as a fundamental technology that underpins many aspects of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Real-Time Data for Traders

At the heart of cryptocurrency trading lies real-time data. Whether you are a professional trader or a casual investor, having access to instantaneous price updates, market changes, and order book movements is crucial. WebSockets provide a direct channel for this vital information. Cryptocurrency exchanges utilize WebSockets to stream data directly to traders, ensuring they are always aware of the latest market conditions. This real-time data flow empowers traders to make timely decisions and seize opportunities in a highly volatile market.

Secure and Efficient Blockchain Communication

Beyond trading, WebSockets play a pivotal role in blockchain communication. Cryptocurrencies are built on blockchain technology, and every transaction, block, and confirmation is a piece of crucial data. Blockchain explorers, wallet services, and nodes use WebSockets to relay this information to users in real-time. For cryptocurrency users, this means they can track the progress of their transactions as they move through the network, ensuring their funds are secure and transactions are successfully processed.

Enhancing User Experience

Cryptocurrency applications, whether they are trading platforms, wallets, or blockchain explorers, heavily rely on WebSockets to provide an immersive and user-friendly experience. Real-time updates on wallet balances, transaction confirmations, and trading activity are made possible through WebSockets. This enhances user engagement and trust in cryptocurrency services, offering a level of transparency and immediacy not often found in traditional financial systems.

Cryptocurrency Chat and Forums

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and communities frequently engage in discussions on various topics related to digital currencies. WebSockets facilitate real-time chat and forum applications, allowing users to interact and share insights, news, and updates in a dynamic and immediate manner.


In the world of cryptocurrencies, WebSockets serve as a critical component, enabling real-time communication and data transfer. They empower traders, investors, and enthusiasts by providing immediate access to essential information, enhancing security, and creating a seamless user experience. As cryptocurrencies continue to evolve, the role of WebSockets in this ecosystem is set to expand, further cementing their position as a cornerstone of the digital financial revolution.

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