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#Servers NameServers HostOpenSSHDropbearProtocolLocationAccounts Remaining
1SSH Server Japan 2jp-2.serverip.co443TCP & UDPJapan3
2SSH server Indonesia 3id-3.serverip.co2280,443TCP & UDPIndonesia55
3SSH Server Singapore DO 3sgdo-3.serverip.co80,143,443TCP & UDPSingapore21
4SSH Server Hongkonghk.serverip.co2280,443TCPHongkong137
5SSH Server Netherlands Publicnl.serverip.co22443TCPNetherlands100
6SSH Server Indonesia 2id-2.serverip.co2280,443TCP & UDPIndonesia85
7SSH Server Vietnamvn.serverip.co2280,443TCPVietnam128
8SSH Server Netherlands 3nl-3.serverip.co22443TCP & UDPNetherlands350
9SSH Server Francefr.serverip.co22,443TCP & UDPFrance825
10SSH Server Singapore MCTsg-mct.serverip.co22443TCP & UDPSingapore107
11SSH Server Germany 1de-1.serverip.co22,10980,443TCP & UDPGermany321
12SSH Server India 1in-1.serverip.co22443TCPIndia41
13SSH Server Indonesia ZXC 2id-zxc2.serverip.co22443TCP & UDPIndonesia50
14SSH Server India 2in-2.serverip.co22443TCPIndia45
15SSH Server Netherlands 2nl-2.serverip.co2280,443TCP & UDPNetherlands362
16SSH Server Indonesia 1id-1.serverip.co2280,443TCP & UDPIndonesia78
17SSH Server USA Los Angeles 1usa-la1.serverip.co2280,443TCP & UDPLA, USA39
18SSH Server Japan 3jp-3.serverip.co443TCP & UDPJapan19
19SSH Server Specialusa-la1.serverip.co22,443TCPLA, USA163
20SSH Server France 2fr-2.serverip.co2280,443TCPFrance410
21SSH Server Turkey 1tr.serverip.co22443TCPTurkey309
22SSH Server Japan 4jp-4.serverip.co22443TCP & UDPJapan16
23SSH Server Singapore ZXCsg-zxc.serverip.co22443TCP & UDPSingapore150
24SSH Server France 3fr-3.serverip.co2280,443TCP & UDPFrance297
25SSH Server Malaysia 1my-1.serverip.co22443TCPMalaysia25
26SSH Server Malaysia 2my-2.serverip.co22443TCPMalaysia25
27SSH Server Johannesburg 3za-3.serverip.co22,443TCPJohannesburg10
28SSH Server France 4fr-4.serverip.co2280,443TCP & UDPFrance500
29SSH Server France 5fr-5.serverip.co22,443TCP & UDPFrance452
30SSH Server Singapore ZXC 2sg-zxc2.serverip.co2280,443TCP & UDPSingapore79
31SSH server Indonesia 4id-4.serverip.co2280,443TCP & UDPIndonesia93
32SSH Server Indonesia ZXC 1id-zxc1.serverip.co2280,443TCP & UDPIndonesia24
33SSH Server Indonesia ZXC 3id-zxc3.serverip.co2280,443TCP & UDPIndonesia41
34SSH Server Netherlands 4nl-4.serverip.co22443TCPNetherlands309
35SSH Server Germany 3de-3.serverip.co2280,443TCP & UDPGermany188
36SSH Server Singapore DO 19sgdo-19.serverip.co22,10980,443TCP & UDPSingapore4
37SSH Server Japan 5jp-5.serverip.co22443TCP & UDPJapan25
38SSH Server Japan 6jp-6.serverip.co22443TCP & UDPJapan24
39SSH Server USA Seattle 2usa-seattle2.serverip.co2280,443TCP & UDPSeattle, USA120