Not satisfied enough with our high-speed SSH servers? Speed up your connection even more with our squid proxy servers! As a note, these proxy servers are only compatible with our servers.

    A Squid proxy server works by tracking caches’ use over the network. Squid will initially act as an intermediary, simply passing the client's request on to the server and saving a copy of the requested cache. If the same client or multiple clients request the same cache before it expires from Squid's cache, Squid can then immediately serve it, accelerating the download and saving bandwidth.

NoIPPortTypeLocationAccess ForCheck
1194.124.35.1078080HTTPSingaporeALL SingaporeCheck
2194.124.35.1158080HTTPSingaporeALL SingaporeCheck
351.159.64.1418080HTTPEUALL ServersCheck
4163.172.29.2248080HTTPEUALL ServersCheck
545.144.240.1708080HTTPJapanALL JapanCheck
6147.78.15.138080HTTPUSALL US ServersCheck
781.90.189.128080HTTPSingaporeALL SingaporeCheck
These Proxies only work for our SSH account

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