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      OpenSSH Port : 22
      DropBear Port : 443
      SSL Port : 442
      UDPGW Port : 7100,7200,7300,7400,7500,7600,7700,7800,7900
      Support WhatsApp Video Calls & Game

    if you cannot play a game or make video calls please restart BadVPN on then try to reconnect again. Please do not download torrent with this server.

Server Singapore SGGS 19

SSH Port:443,447,80,556,82
SSL Port:442,110,990,444,446
Open Date:19 & 20
Acc Remaining:2534 from 3000

Dynamic US/SG Vultr

Server:VULTR Server
Protocol:TCP & UDP
SSH Port:442,447,80,143
SSL Port:443,990,110,444
UDPGW Port:7100,7200-7900

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