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    Each account valid for 7 days

    OBFS USA can create 1000 SSH Accounts/Day

    How to use OBFS Account:

    1. Download V2RayNG or GatchaNG.
    2. Create Your account on then copy the config given from fastssh.
    3. Import the config on the app and set allowInSecure=true then click connect.

    WebSocket, gRPC, TLS, HTTP, and H2 are all network protocols used for communication between applications and systems.

    WebSocket: A protocol that enables two-way communication between a client and a server over a single, long-lived connection. This protocol allows for real-time data transfer, such as chat applications or online gaming.

    gRPC: A high-performance remote procedure call (RPC) protocol designed for communication between microservices. It uses the Protocol Buffers data serialization format and supports multiple languages and platforms.

    TLS (Transport Layer Security): A protocol used to encrypt and secure network communications. It provides authentication and data encryption to protect data transmitted over the internet.

    HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol): A protocol used to transfer data between a client and server over the internet. It defines how messages are formatted and transmitted, including requests for data and responses to those requests.

    H2: Also known as HTTP/2, is the successor to HTTP/1.1. It is a major revision of the HTTP protocol that introduces new features such as server push, binary framing, and header compression to improve performance and reduce latency.

    To ensure that your account remains active, please use only one UUID/Account per device. Using multiple accounts on a single device may result in automatic removal of your account.

    Obfuscation refers to the act of making something unclear or difficult to understand, often in an attempt to hide or obscure information. The term can be used in a variety of contexts, such as software development, cryptography, and communication, where obfuscation techniques can be used to prevent the unauthorized access or modification of sensitive information.

    OBFS server is a type of server designed to help conceal internet traffic from network filters and surveillance mechanisms. The server achieves this by applying an obfuscation layer to the traffic, which transforms it into a more complex and difficult-to-detect format.

    The obfuscation layer may use a variety of techniques to obscure the traffic, including encryption, packet fragmentation, and the use of unconventional protocols or port numbers. By applying obfuscation to the traffic, the obfs server makes it harder for network filters and surveillance tools to recognize and block the traffic.

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